Longmorn 1973 – 2003 Cask #3240 Gordon & MacPhail

After a rather splendid little get together recently, one of the bottles brought by my friend and fellow forum-moderator Bart wasn’t tasted due to an excess of good whisky (always a good state to find yourself in, I find). So I drew a sample.


This is the story of that sample.

Longmorn 1973 G&M

Longmorn 30yo Gordon & MacPhail (whiskybase)
13.04.1973 - 01.05.2003
ABV: 55.8%
Cask#: 3240

Nosed, tasted and scored based on a 3cl sample.

The nose starts off lovely on creamy sherry. Really a lot of cream, with butter, almond, marzipan, sugared cherry, orange and the merest hint of sulfur. European oak spices, in a muted way: nutmeg and cinnamon. Also some Mediterranean spice: oregano and basil. A balanced, older sherried nose. With a little time and a few drops of water, meaty aromas appear and the marzipan grows more dominant. Even later, slightly sour fruits along with those sugared fruit candies in pear and strawberry flavours. Then leather sofas. Lovely development, a noser’s dram.

In the taste the wood is much more prominent, as sherried whiskies of this age are wont to exhibit. Bitter tannins and heavy woodspice (nutmeg, black pepper) dominate and add to the warming sensation already provided by the higher ABV. A few sips in, and the palate slowly adjusting, I get other flavours, mostly in the early part of the taste: mandarin orange, laurel liquorice, cedar cigarboxes and tobacco. Towards the finish, though, these are superseded once more by the bitterness, even dipping into burnt wood and ash for a moment. After a long time in the glass it becomes sweeter, with pear and honey appearing along coffee liqueur.

In that finish, the tannins blessedly recede somewhat and the nose reappears: creamy sherry and soft spice with the addition of bitter-sweet dried fruits linger for a long time.

Overall, this reminds me in a very positive way of the Glen Garioch 22yo by Kintra I’ve reviewed a few months back, especially on the nose. A little more meaty and more actual sherry influence over the wood, but otherwise a similar array of spice-infused aromas.

The overly woody taste drags the score down a notch (though time and a little water prevent it from becoming a true nuisance), but that nose in combination with the finish is a winner.

My score: 90/100

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