BTC 2014 Sample 6

BTC Sample 6: Lochside 17yo G&M

Success at last! I actually guessed right last night! Now to prepare for the inevitable doom which shall befall me upon tasting tonight’s sample #6. It is fruity, slightly salty and a little smoky…

I should be pissed at not going for the Benromach 10 completely and hedging my bets with a different ABV last night, but I’m not. It’s not about the points, really (helps though), it’s about guessing one of thousands of bottlings out there and guessing correctly. Yup, I feel great. As for today:

The nose starts off a little closed, but opens up nicely revealing sweet and sour fruit (peach, apple, lemon), a little glue, shortcrust pastry, a farmy note, something floral and a silght saline edge which could also be OBE.

In the taste, there is a spirity prickle first, then musty wood, overripe white fruits and a touch of smoke. A mild floral/vegetal note hovers in the background, but mainly I taste lemon and other white fruits with vanilla icing. In the finish, which is quite long, there is that same lemony vanilla as well as some laurel licorice. But then, as the normal flavours fade away, a waxy, snuffed candle mouthfeel remains for a long, long time. Dare I say it? Clynelish?

Overall this is an engaging and full-featured malt. There’s a lot going on and most of it works quite well. The vegetal notes could point to Bruichladdich, but there seems to be too much peat for Laddie itself and too little for Port Charlotte. No, I think I’ll have to go with my gut instinct on this one and go for the malt that I received just over a year ago, lukewarm from a hip flask in the train towards The Hague whisky festival from my friend (and fellow BTC competitor) Sándor:

My guess: Clynelish, Highland, 14yo, 46% (the new 2012 version)
My score: 86/100

What it turned out to be:

Lochside 17yo Gordon&MacPhail (whiskybase)
18.09.1991 - 12.12.2008
6th reserve for the Whisky Talker
ABV: 46%
Cask#: 15215

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