BTC 2014 Sample 4

BTC Sample 4: Ledaig 8yo Whisky-Fässle

A damn shame, last night was, in terms of points. Nice dram though! Sample #4 then, right off the bat I get an inkling…

For sample #3, I had filled in a Dufftown 15yo @ 48.5% ABV before switching to my final guess of Miltonduff 29yo @ 48.5. The age cost me a whopping 40 points. But I really couldn’t care much, as I’ve managed to procure a bottle of this Balvenie :) On to today:

I always take a little sniff when the dram is still in the bottle, and this time I get a strong inkling right away. The nose is peated, but mildly so. It is a smokiness I would describe as coming from wood, with some ozone and chalky notes thrown in for good measure. The second component is fruit, quite a heavy-handed layer of white fruit in fact led by lemon and pear. I also get banana, dried apricot, apple juice and apple pie. Along this smoky fruit there is some salinity, as well as slightly browned butter.

The taste continues in a similar vein: mild, fine smoke, vanilla, nutmeg, grass and fresh forest leaves give way to lemon peel, lemon juice, peach, some chalk, sweet mashed grains and the slightest hint of some american oak tannins.

Overall, I can’t really fault this. A well-made, I think quite young, peated malt from a first-fill bourbon cask. That inkling I talked about above was Kilchoman. And though there are other options for this profile (young Bunnahabhain (Moine), young Kilchoman and even Benromach), I’m afraid my tunnelvision (tunnelolfaction?) will not let me deviate.

My guess: Kilchoman 100% Islay, Islay, 5yo, 50%
My score: 85/100

What it turned out to be:

Ledaig 8yo Whisky-Fässle (whiskybase)
2005 - 2014
ABV: 53.3%
Duck Label

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