BTC 2014 Sample 18

BTC Sample 18: Imperial 1995 18yo Signatory

An onsetting cold couldn’t prevent me from being very partially right yesterday, so yay! Today, that cold has broken through, which means I’ve had to pick my moment this morning and nose and taste today’s dram fairly quickly before I clogged up again.

I won’t be giving a proper score because of my cold (though I do have some of the sample left over, which I may use to add a score later), but I do think I got the main points of this whisky. Enogh to make an educated guess at a distillery, that is.

On the nose, I get nutty aromas, white grapes and a dusty metallic note at first. Then ripe white and tropical fruits. Pineapple and peach, in vanilla custard. Some farmy odors, also hey, grass and a little glue. Candlewax and snuffed candles. Later on: herbal tea and jasmin.

The taste betrays age, I think. That, or significant OBE. I immediately get rock candy, banana and liquorice. Those ripe white fruits again, soft american oak spices and once more vanilla custard. The finish is lovely, on white wine and mellow fruit with a little wax in the mouthfeel. After some time in the glass, a saline edge appears, which transforms some of the other flavours into salty liquorice.

Overall a very pleasant dram. Probably just shy of the 90 mark score-wise, but as I said I’ll be coming back to that with a fully functional nose. Clynelish, I’m almost certain. Older Clynelish in the late teens or early tweens. 50% ABV give or take a percent.

My guess: Clynelish, Highland, 20yo, 50%

What it turned out to be:

Imperial 18yo Signatory for Asta Morris (whiskybase)
21.08.1995 - 24.04.2014
ABV: 52.4%
Cask#: 50147

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