BTC 2014 Sample 12

BTC Sample 12: Glen Keith 1992 20yo TWA

Yesterday’s dram was nice. Today’s dram… I want to marry it and have its beautiful babies (who, despite my gargoyle-infused genes, will still be exemplars of their kind).

But, analytical tasting needs to be done. So, calm down. Relax. Take a deep breath and try it from the top. I will let Homer Simpson express my inner feelings while you all read my highly analytical and unbiased notes.

The nose is sherried at first, with sweet and sour sherry notes and tropical fruit. Right from the start, though, there is a large american oak influence which becomes ever stronger. Dried apricot, ripe banana and other sweet fruits appear, especially when the glass is left covered for a little while. Unctuous, slippery sweet fruit. Then I get some hobby glue, raisin-branches, very light sulfur, cream, caramel, fudge and a little heather. Gosh.

In the taste, the fruity bonanza continues, this time with mandarin orange, sugared regular orange, banana and pineapple. There’s wood here too, with mild pepper, aniseed and cinnamon. I also get a light saline edge. Balance is great, alcoholic bite basically none-existent.

So, overall, this is without a doubt the best dram I’ve had so far in this BTC (and that’s saying something, as the level has been high, for which we should applaud Ewald). A lovely fusion of middle-aged ex-bourbon (or american oak) flavours with a very light coating of sherry. I don’t get many notes of spirit character though, which presents a problem. I think this is definitely late teens to early tweens (based on complexity, not tannins), 49-50% ABV and Speyside. So, here goes:

My guess: Auchroisk, Speyside, 21yo, 49.5%
My score: 91/100

What it turned out to be:

Glen Keith 1992 The Whisky Agency (whiskybase)
1992 - 2013 (20yo)
ABV: 49.2%
Refill Barrel

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