BTC 2014 Sample 15

BTC Sample 15: Bladnoch 21yo Cadenhead

We’re back in bourbon country today. After the stunning surprise offered by yesterday’s Glen Scotia, this better be a little more guessable, Ewald!

The nose had a load of sweet white fruits first: pear, lime and peach. Also a strange form of spiciness, which I cannot at first put my finger on. It has an ethereal oil quality to it, not so much a specific type, but the high volatility of the aroma’s. There’s a floral note, some unripe green fruit next to the ripe stuff. Hobby glue, some grass and young twigs, snapped in half.

In the taste, there’s a lot of spice (cinnamon, aniseed), loads of vanilla, bittersweet grain. There’s a filming quality to the mouth feel, but also something chili-pepper spicy. Mild vegetal notes, a saline edge, bitter wood (at times nearly overpowering) and peach again. The finish has vanilla, woodsap, apple and candlewax.

Overall, an interesting and tasty dram with a character I am sure I recognise. What I am not sure of is which distillery this comes from though. The fruit, saline edge and wax suggest Clynelish. The floral notes suggest Dailuaine and it could even be a Bladnoch. I’ll go with my first instinct and say this is a slightly off kilter Clynelish.

My guess: Clynelish, Highland, 16yo, 54%
My score: 85/100

What it turned out to be:

Bladnoch 21yo Cadenhead Small Batch (whiskybase)
1992 - 2014
ABV: 54.9%

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