BTC 2014 – Epilogue

I’ve been in the BTC competition the last 3 years and I found this one to have a very high standard of quality overall. Not really any bottles which were substandard and a whopping 3 which I score 90+.

I have to applaud Ewald for taking the time and putting in the effort not only during the competition itself, but also in the months leading up to it. Sourcing all these bottles and then sampling, labeling and packaging them is a herculean task.

My liver definitely needs a little cooling off time, but you can count on me being in again next year. Like music toplists (top2000), Sinterklaas and hot chocolate this has become a december tradition for me, not participating would simply feel incomplete.

Here are some random stats I thought would be interesting for you and/or life-affirming for myself:

Highest number of perfect 100 scores: 7 (dram 16, the Glenrothes, with another two people scoring 98)

Average points of the top 10 after all drams: 733 (Best scoring ever!)
(2011: 583, 2012: 644, 2013: 526)

My score after all drams: 580 (Personal best! Sadly not in position on the leaderboard)
(2012: 496 , 2013: 513)

Highest rated dram: #9: Glendronach 1993 for Abbey @ 85.49/100 (yours truly is not a fan)
Lowest rated dram: #5: Benromach 10yo @ 79.71/100 (yours truly is a fan)

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