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Whiskies which scored 90 to 93 points. Excellent.


Clynelish 18yo 54.1% WhB

Clynelish has long been a favourite distillery or mine: the trademark waxy notes, the abundance of american oak maturation and the powerful flavour have meant it is the one distillery which I have always had a bottle of, ever since I got into whisky. However, lately I’ve been neglecting it a bit. For about 6 months the only bottle I had was a closed one (it still is, btw). So when whiskybroker,  the Robin Hood of independent bottlers, announced they were bringing out an 18yo Clynelish for a very reasonable price it did not take me long to scramble for my creditcard and place an order. Continue reading

Yapis HEBT Sample 6

Glen Albyn 21yo 1963 G&M (Yapi’s HEBT #6)

We are nearing the end of the inaugural High End Blind Tasting. This is sample 6, and I am not ashamed to say it reduced my linguistic capacity to a prehistoric level of stammering and guttural noises at one point during the tasting of it. I will attempt, having teased my higher brain functions out from their hiding place behind a large rock, to explain.

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Yapi HEBT 1 #2

Macallan 10yo 1985 & Macallan 22yo SS (Yapi’s HEBT #2)

The second stage in this blind tasting is a double feature. Two, judging by outward appearance, sherry matured whiskies which Yapi has stated are in some way related (the relation could be anything). Without further ado, let’s get tasting! edit: the bottles have been revealed, I’ve added their details to this post.

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2014-05-02 20.44.16-1

Glen Garioch 22yo 51.2% Kintra

Glen Garioch distillery has a certain profile which usually works for me: spicy, with quite a bit of spirit still peeking through the cask-influence (or so I imagine). Based on tasting it at the The Hague whisky festival last year and being quite impressed, I bought this bottle of 22 year old Glen Garioch by the Dutch bottler Kintra. And since whisky festivals are among the worst places to properly taste whisky, here are my notes based on a re-tasting in the comfort of my own home. Let’s see if my first impression was correct.

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