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Whiskies which score 85 to 89 points. Very good.

BTC2014 Sample 1

BTC Sample 1: Longmorn 1996 vW

It has begun. The Blind Tasting Competition 2014 is underway. Heeeeeeere we go!

The nose of sample 1 doesn’t pull any punches: this is a fairly heavy sherry-matured malt. There’s raisins, marzipan and cherry-bonbons here. Quite soft and mellow sherry with definite tones of American oak: caramel-sauce, banana and apricot. A hint of wood strengthens over time and there’s only the merest hint of solvent. All in all, a civilised sherried whisky, this, with possibly a fairly light spirit lurking beneath. And is that a hint of smoke or just some older wood showing?

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Laphroaig Cask Strength batch 006

Laphroaig 10yo Cask Strength batch 6

As more and more traditions in the world of whisky are broken and/or modified, there is one which has stood its ground over the last years: the Laphroaig 10yo CS. A cask strength version of the normal 10yo, it is offered direct through the company’s website at a very reasonable price (and usually appears in shops later on as well). It also tends to be very good value for money. I’ll be reviewing the 6th edition, bottled in February of 2014. Continue reading

Yapi's HEBT 1 #7 & #7bis

Glenfarclas 40yo 2012 & 2010 (Yapi’s HEBT #7 & #7bis)

This is the end. Of the blind tasting. For 7 weeks Yapi has shown us the different ways in which whisky can evolve. Now it comes down to the last two samples (there’s actually one more, but we don’t talk about that one. Ever! Well, maybe next week). Let’s see if there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, shall we?

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The Glenlivet Oloroso Matured OL0314 48%

Glenlivet Nàdurra Oloroso Matured OL0314 review

Coming back from a most excellent visit to the Scottish island of Orkney, I picked up this new Glenlivet travel-only bottling (for now) at Edinburgh airport. I am a fan of the ex-bourbon matured version of the Nàdurra, and was curious to see what direction the distillery had chosen with this new variant (which will become a standard part of the range, I am told).

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Yapi's HEBT1 #5&5bis

Littlemill 1990 Eiling Lim & Littlemill 1989 Thosop (Yapi’s HEBT #5 & #5bis)

Onward and upwards! That is at least my hope as I open the 5th sample for Yapi’s high end blind tasting. #5 is fairly pale in colour while #5bis is darker. Bourbon and sherry matured whiskies from the same distillery perhaps? Edit: the whiskies have been revealed to be Littlemill from 1990 (Eiling Lim) and 1989 (Thosop) respectively.

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Yapis HEBT Sample 4

Glendronach 1994-2012 batch 7 (Yapi’s HEBT #4)

This note is a non-blind blind tasting note. Still with me? I’ll explain: just as I was gearing up to taste this Glendronach 1994 from batch 7 (as it turned out to be), I caught an epic cold. So epic that it completely incapacitated me for 3 days and took out my olfactory organ (that would be that thing in the middle of your face) for another 2.  So I missed the deadline for Yapi’s blind sample for the week.

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Yapi HEBT 1 #2

Macallan 10yo 1985 & Macallan 22yo SS (Yapi’s HEBT #2)

The second stage in this blind tasting is a double feature. Two, judging by outward appearance, sherry matured whiskies which Yapi has stated are in some way related (the relation could be anything). Without further ado, let’s get tasting! edit: the bottles have been revealed, I’ve added their details to this post.

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