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The Usquebaugh Society’s annual blind tasting competition, edition 2014

BTC2014 Sample 1

BTC Sample 1: Longmorn 1996 vW

It has begun. The Blind Tasting Competition 2014 is underway. Heeeeeeere we go!

The nose of sample 1 doesn’t pull any punches: this is a fairly heavy sherry-matured malt. There’s raisins, marzipan and cherry-bonbons here. Quite soft and mellow sherry with definite tones of American oak: caramel-sauce, banana and apricot. A hint of wood strengthens over time and there’s only the merest hint of solvent. All in all, a civilised sherried whisky, this, with possibly a fairly light spirit lurking beneath. And is that a hint of smoke or just some older wood showing?

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BTC2014 Main Title Image

BTC 2014 Intro

December is special. You have your Xmas, your New Year’s Eve, your Sinterklaas (or we Dutch people do anyway). But if you are a member of Dutch whisky club the Usquebaugh Society, there is something extra. For it is on the 6th of December each year that the grand bonanza of the Blind Tasting Competition starts. Boxes containing 18 samples of whisky have been distributed to 73 participants and will be tasted, one each night, from the 6th until the 23rd of December.

Points are awarded for being close to the correct age, region, distillery and/or alcohol percentage. But whether you do well or badly, the BTC is always a ton of fun and a great way to fill up every last bit of December calendar real estate you still had left.

I, your humble host, will attempt to post a blog with my tasting notes and assorted feelings each and every night just after the reveal at 23:00 (GMT+1).

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