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Original (or Owner’s) Bottling

Yapis HEBT Sample 4

Glendronach 1994-2012 batch 7 (Yapi’s HEBT #4)

This note is a non-blind blind tasting note. Still with me? I’ll explain: just as I was gearing up to taste this Glendronach 1994 from batch 7 (as it turned out to be), I caught an epic cold. So epic that it completely incapacitated me for 3 days and took out my olfactory organ (that would be that thing in the middle of your face) for another 2.  So I missed the deadline for Yapi’s blind sample for the week.

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Yapi HEBT 1 #2

Macallan 10yo 1985 & Macallan 22yo SS (Yapi’s HEBT #2)

The second stage in this blind tasting is a double feature. Two, judging by outward appearance, sherry matured whiskies which Yapi has stated are in some way related (the relation could be anything). Without further ado, let’s get tasting! edit: the bottles have been revealed, I’ve added their details to this post.

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