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2014-04-30 20.36.21-1

Strathmill 1991 AM (Yapi’s HEBT #1)

In the spirit of starting this blog off with me at my most vulnerable I’ve decided to document my (mis)fortunes in a blind tasting I’m participating in over the next weeks. The tasting is organized by a whisky-friend of mine nicknamed Yapi from Belgium and consists of 7 rounds, each with 1 or 2 samples. It is called the High End Blind Tasting or HEBT for short. I’ll post my notes some time ahead of the reveal and will amend each post’s title and text when the identity of the sample(s) has been revealed.

Needless to say: if you are a participant and do not want to be influenced, do not read on! For the rest of you: keep calm and read on (or come back when the identity has been revealed for the complete experience)…

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